At Scoma WoodWorks we combine old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create all of your custom woodworking needs. We are an energetic team who takes pride in our craftsmanship, innovative design, customer service and the ability to produce what others cannot. We thrive on challenges, and continually work to push the limits of our craft. We are Located in Scotts Valley, California, at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountain's.

Quality Craftsmanship

Every product is fabricated by experienced craftsmen who are passionate about their trade and being a part of the Scoma Woodworks team. Using only the finest in materials and building methods, with an unwavering attention to detail, each piece is custom crafted to exceed expectations. Through CAD/CAM modeling, a design is developed, refined and quality engineered for fabrication. Once on the shop floor, our craftsmen take pride in seeing each piece through the entire build process. This ensures a quality and personal touch seldom found in our industry.

CAD and CNC Generated Products with Perfect End Results

Drafting software enables us to design a project from scratch to meet any design requirements; alternatively we can use existing CAD designs to seamlessly integrate with a project's plans and specifications. By using CAD and our CNC machinery we produce exact replications of design, free from conventional restraints on geometry and curvature.

Pre-Frabricated Packages for Efficient Field Installation

All moldings, laminates, panels, plywood framing and concrete form kits are created to ensure easy and efficient installation in the field, eliminating the extra time, tools, and expenses of traditional woodwork/formwork on the job site. All of our kits come with shop drawings and install plans which aid in effortless assembly.

Personalized Consultation, Planning, and Design

Every project presents its own unique challenges. Working hand in hand with owners, architects, designers and contractors, we understand that strong communication is essential to a successful project. Through our design process we work to effectively communicate ideas, develop plans and create design solutions tailored to your custom project. Whether it's developing an existing design, or starting new, we can draft detailed working drawings and photo like 3d renders. These planning packets serve as a great tool for achieving design approval, organizing room schedules, accurate bidding, and centralized information amongst the trades.

Wide Range of Expertise and Experience

From the smallest furniture inlay to large commercial and residential projects, we are meticulous with every detail, and strive to be an integral part of your projects success. Our commissioned works have allowed us to work across the states, with many wood species, mediums, and styles of furniture and cabinetry. We love our craft, and are always looking for fresh ideas and new challenges. Please visit our Gallery to view some examples of our limitless capabilities.